Action Strategy

PROBLEM:  The gun violence epidemic in the United States threatens to become an international pandemic, as guns and extremist gun culture flood across U.S. borders. The gun industry, facilitated by weak U.S. laws, exports gun violence and extremist gun culture throughout the world. The problem is worsening as special protections in the U.S. prevent the gun industry from being held accountable for supplying the criminal gun market, and a radical expansion of the Second Amendment imperils U.S. gun laws. 

SOLUTION:  Gun trafficking can be prevented most effectively by stopping it at its gun industry source. Lawsuits for harm suffered outside of the U.S. can avoid special gun industry protections, hold gun manufacturers and dealers accountable for recklessly supplying and profiting from the criminal gun market, and force reforms of dangerous business practices that arm traffickers.  And international and human rights actions can deter extraterritorial effects of the U.S. gun industry, and uphold rights to be free from gun violence that are given short shrift by the current U.S. Supreme Court.

THEORY OF CHANGE: GAGV works closely with the international community to reform gun industry practices using impact litigation, human rights proceedings, and policy advocacy.

ACTION: Global Action on Gun Violence empowers countries and the international community with proven, effective tools to stop gun violence. GAGV employs impactful litigation, advocacy, and education that reform and impose responsibility on the gun industry and other contributing causes to gun violence, and advocate for creative solutions that save lives and prevent the flow of crime guns.