Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of Global Action on Gun Violence is made up of experts from around the world on issues relevant to global gun violence prevention efforts.  As we welcome varied points of view and perspectives, membership in the Advisory Committee does not indicate support for GAGV’s work.


Philip Alpers


Professor Leila Sadat

Professor Arturo Carrillo

  • Director, International Human Rights Clinic, George Washington University School of Law

Professor Anna Crowe

  • Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic
  • Former constitutional lawyer for New Zealand government

Dr. Leon Castellanos Jankiewicz

  • Asser Institute for International and European Law, The Hague (Netherlands)
  • Discussed Mexico litigation and PLCAA
  • Author, Just Security

Jillian Tuck

Professor Ingrid Wuerth

  • Vanderbilt Law Professor
  • International/transnational law expert
  • Co-editor in chief of American Journal of International Law
  • Transnational Law blog

Professor Rosa Celerio

  • Human rights professor at George Washington University School of Law
  • Burnett Family Associate Dean and Professorial Lecturer for International and Comparative Legal Studies
  • Author, Women and International Human Rights in Modern Times: A Contemporary Casebook (forthcoming)

Daria Palombo

  • Professor of Human Rights Law at Tilburg Law School (Netherlands)
  • Business and human rights expert


The Honorable Michael D. Barnes

  • Former U.S. Congressman (D-MD)
  • Former Chairman of Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Former President of Brady Center & Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Former counsel to government of Haiti

Senator Zelnor Myrie

  • New York State Senator
  • Leader on gun industry liability legislation

Professor Daniel Webster

  • Expert and author on Gun violence
  • Co-director, Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions

Dr. Stephen Hargarten

  • Gun violence expert
  • Doctor and public health expert
  • Founder of international gun violence network

Dennis Henigan

  • Longtime gun violence prevention lawyer
  • Former VP and interim President, Brady Center and Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Margaret Groban

  • Former federal prosecutor
  • Former National Domestic Violence Coordinator, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Office of Legal and Victim Programs

Robert Walker

  • Former President of Brady Center and Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Key lobbyist for enactment of the Brady Law and Federal Assault Weapons ban

Nick Shadowen

  • Transnational litigator
  • Counsel for Mexico

Kristen Rand

Josh Sugarmann


Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan

Professor Humberto Cantú Rivera

  • Professor at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Monterrey (Mexico), and Director of its Human Rights and Business Institute

Professor Claudio Lomnitz

  • Columbia University
  • Expert on Mexico
  • Author of multiple books on Mexico

José Ramón Cossío Díaz

  • Former Supreme Court of Mexico Justice
  • Awarded Benito Juárez-Peña Colorada Award, the Research Award from the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and the National Award for Sciences and Arts in the area of History, Social Sciences and Philosophy

Ambassador Roberta Jacobson

  • Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
  • Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
  • Former United States National Security Council
  • Former Director of State Department’s Office of Mexican Affairs
  • Albright Stonebridge Group Senior Advisor
  • Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Canada
  • Former Deputy Chief of Mission at U.S. Embassy in Peru

John Lindsey-Poland

Ieva Jusionyte

  • Professor at Brown University – Watson Institute, International and Public Affairs, Associate Professor of International Security and Anthropology
  • Researcher on Mexican-U.S. border issues
  • Author of forthcoming book, provisionally titled “Exit Wounds: American Guns, Mexican Lives, and the Vicious Circle of Violence,”


Professor Jason Opal

  • Professor at McGill University

Professor Jooyoung Lee

  • Professor, University of Toronto
  • Sociologist

Wendy Cukier


Ambassador Luis Moreno

  • Former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica
  • Former envoy to Mexico and Haiti

Professor Wendell Wallace

  • University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

Emile Leiba

  • Immediate Past President, Jamaica Bar Association
  • Managing Partner, Dunn Cox, Jamaica


Richard Matzopoulous

  • Epidemiologist
  • Published articles on Gun violence

Adele Kirsten


Philippa Yasbek


Daniel Mack

  • Senior Adviser, Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies