International Assistance

“America won’t solve its gun problem. Maybe Mexico will do it for us.”

Boston Globe op-ed

GAGV represents and assists national and local governments, analyzing and addressing their gun violence problems through research, litigation, advocacy and messaging. We can identify sources and methods of gun trafficking and other mechanisms of gun deaths and injuries, propose solutions, and act to deliver on them.  We can lead or assist on:

  • Impactful litigation
  • Research and analysis of gun crime data
  • Advocacy of policy solutions, domestically, internationally, or in the U.S. or other source country
  • Messaging
  • Lobbying
  • Coalition building
  • Working with international organizations on gun issues    
Two women and a man look to their left, listening to a speaker while sitting at a round table in a room. The man sits in the middle.
GAGV President Jonathan Lowy attends a meeting at Mexico’s Foreign Ministry in Mexico City, Feb. 2023. Photo courtesy of SRE.