Who We Are

BOLD: Global Action on Gun Violence is the only organization working with countries and people around the world to reduce the global harm from guns by using litigation and human rights strategies to reform dangerous gun industry practices.

INNOVATIVE: GAGV is litigating:

  • The first lawsuit brought by a country – Mexico – against the gun industry;
  • The first RICO Lawsuit against the gun industry;
  • The first major lawsuit against a U.S. gun company brought outside the U.S. – a class action suit pending in Canada by mass shooting victims.  

EXPERIENCED: GAGV brings together gun violence prevention professionals with over 70 years experience fighting gun violence in the United States. 

RESULTS: For 25 years GAGV’s founder and President, Jonathan Lowy, brought and won trailblazing lawsuits that have reformed dangerous gun industry practices, including forcing gun dealers to screen for straw purchases and end online gun sales, requiring gun manufacturers to only sell through responsible dealers, incentivizing safer business practices by winning over $100 million in settlements and verdicts against gun companies, and holdings that the U.S. gun industry protection law is unconstitutional.  A thought leader in gun violence prevention, he has authored numerous articles on gun issues, including advocating a constitutional “right not to be shot.” 

GLOBAL: GAGV’s Advisory Committee includes a broad range of human rights and international attorneys, researchers, gun violence prevention experts, current and former politicians, and diplomats from Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Australia.  GAGV works closely with the Mexican government, and plans on work with other countries, local governments, and global associations, and NGOs.