GAGV advocates for strong and effective gun laws, which make it harder for criminals to get guns, keep weapons of war off the streets and out of the hands of organized crime, gangs, and mass shooters, and prevent gun violence of every sort. Weak gun laws arm criminals and cause death and injury to innocent people. And weak gun laws enable and facilitate cross-border gun trafficking that cause violence in other countries and regions.

Advocacy for strong gun laws is a critical part of solutions to global gun violence.  Solutions include:

  • Universal background checks for all gun sales;
  • Bans of military-style assault weapons, sniper rifles and high-capacity magazines to civilians;
  • Licensing and registration for gun owners and guns;
  • Mandated safe sales and distribution practices, including no bulk purchases or straw sales;
  • Safety devices that prevent unintentional or unauthorized shootings;
  • Strict regulation and oversight of gun dealers, with prompt revocation of selling privileges for irresponsible dealers.

Ratification and enforcement of effective international treaties and protocols that prevent gun violence is also an important part of the global solution to gun violence.

The Lawsuit for Survival

GAGV filed the Lawsuit for Survival” on behalf of Joaquin, Manny and Patricia Oliver against the U.S. government for violating human rights law by failing to protect people’s right to live free from gunfire and causing Joaquin’s death in the Parkland high school gun massacre.

This landmark case, Joaquin Oliver v. USA, asks the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to request the U.S. to implement strong gun policies to prevent mass shootings and other gun violence.

A bearded man stands in a room holding a large yellow and grey poster that says in Spanish, "La mayoria de las armas que se usan en delitos en Mexico provienen de Estados Unidos."
Artist, activist, and father Manny Oliver holds a GAGV poster at an event in Mexico City, Feb. 2023. Manny’s son, Joaquin “Guac” Oliver, was killed in the 2018 Parkland school shooting.