Newsletter: A Call to Global Action

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Past issues

  • April 2024: Jon Lowy will argue before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that the gun industry shield law, PLCAA, is unconstitutional, in a case that is the best chance so far to overturn PLCAA; Jon and Manny Oliver were featured speakers at the George Washington University International Law Review’s annual symposium.
  • January 2024: In a tremendous victory for gun safety, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit rules that Mexico’s lawsuit against six American gun manufacturers can proceed; Berkeley Law students join forces with GAGV; The Trace interviews Jon Lowy about GAGV’s innovative work.
  • November 2023: GAGV files a groundbreaking lawsuit against the United States that seeks to hold the U.S. accountable for putting gun rights above the right to live. Dubbed “the Lawsuit for Survival,” Joaquin Oliver v. USA was filed in the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights on behalf of Joaquin, a student killed in the Parkland, FL, school shooting, and his parents Manny and Patricia.
  • August 2023: Jon argues a historic appeal in federal court; GAGV co-hosts a side event at a UN’s Human Rights Council meeting; Join Patricia and Manny Oliver at Guacathon 2023; the U.S Supreme Court will consider an important gun case.
  • May 2023: Jon’s report from a meeting of Caribbean countries on gun violence in the region; Manny Oliver joins GAGV’s team; GAGV’s Elizabeth Burke at a conference on cross-border gun trafficking; recent GAGV op-eds and media coverage.
  • March 2023: our inaugural newsletter — a new approach; how GAGV got started; report from a trip to Mexico.
Inaugural GAGV newsletter