Human Rights

GAGV recognizes that human rights law is an important tool to prevent gun violence. Gun violence unquestionably generates a major transnational human rights crisis that infringes on fundamental human rights, especially the rights to life, security, physical integrity and health. Indeed, while armed conflicts are recognized, justifiably, as human rights crises, over 85% of lethal violence globally occurs in civilian gun incidents. While the United States Constitution should protect the right to live free from gun violence, the Second Amendment has been misinterpreted by a slim majority of the U.S. Supreme Court as providing a sweeping right to guns that may override the right to life. Human rights law can call out gun policies and practices that infringe on the rights of people to life and to a healthy environment free from vioence, as well as instruct nations to prioritize people over firearms.

GAGV addresses dangerous gun policies and practices by bringing human rights actions and advocating for accountability and reforms in countries that prioritize firearms and gun industry profits over human health and safety.

GAGV has testified before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and submitted extensive written materials to advocate for accountability under human rights on weak U.S. laws that enable gun trafficking and violence.

GAGV has submitted an extensive report to the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the human rights implications of civilian firearms policies.

GAGV has requested the U.N. OHCHR to create a special procedure on civilian firearms, to investigate and take more dedicated action on gun policies that infringe on human rights.